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project management

assistance in developing opportunities & priorities   advisory overviews

discussions to preapplications   construction advisory services

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Contextual Background Briefings  Costs Effectiveness  Consolidations  Technical Aspects
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planning representations for Dev Plans sites allocations

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ALL CAD BLDG REGS SPECS (structural eng)   Building Control Applications
Confidential CAD draughting services of electrics  site plant equipment - just ask
survey, measuring up, inspection, specifications, all confidential CAD staff (reliefs) services

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Property inventories
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Evaluating Detailed Feasibilities
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complete compliance

Appraisals approaches/access
Planning issues requirements

Listed Buildings aspects
Minor Applications (details)
(minor changes  air/cond.  aerials  signs  licensing)
Planning Liaison
Planning Admin requirements
Design & Access Policy Statements
Sites and Land Capitalisations Requirements
Sequentials & Exceptions Reports
CAD Drawings  Floor Spaces  Elevations
CAD Designs
CAD buildings specifications
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CAD Alterations (minimis)
All Business Uses Designs
All New Houses Designs
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Amendments Applications and Retrospectives
Regeneration Applications
Structural and Civil
Restaurants and Food Businesses Licensing
Environmental Health
Health & Safety
Planning & Enforcement
Hearings & Appeals
Expert Witness Statements
Listed Buildings administration
Discussions of repairs & changes
Management assistance
Works supervisions
Details Changes & Floor Spaces
Minor  Major
Listed B Consent Applications
(Re)Conversions, extensions
Infill newbuild

Conservation Areas Applications

CAD plans drawings details
Heritage Statements
Schedules of Works

Specialist legal opinion

C3/2/1 (residential)
A1/A3/A5 (retail /restaurants /fast food)
A2/B1-8 (all businesses /offices)
D1 (non residential institutions /education /health)
D2 (leisure /entertainment /assembly)
Sui Generis

Vehicular Site Circulations Layouts Options

visibility splays Applications proofs
site circulations square metreage servicing
vehicular and pedestrian building floorspaces circulations
Travel Plans
Traffic Statements
Junction Assessments

CAD Building Regs Building Control Applications
Materials specifications
Structural Engineering advice and service
Costs quantity surveyors  Energy  ISO 50001

Appeals Services  Expert Witness Statements  Enforcement

Case planning research for QCs-barristers chambers

Direct Chambers Counsel's Advice  Direct QC's Services

Comparative Points of Law

completely versatile cost efficient layers

Local Plans Allocations Sites Proposals

land and site owners planning
representations for SHLAA stakeholder forums

factors in favour
strategic housing land availability assessment
CIL infrastructure negotiations
Examinations In Public
interactive developers and builders comparative offers
contingency fees

Continuous Representations (Contingency fees) of all scales
Consultations for allocations sites for New Neighbourhood Plans and Business Plans
Assistance with new marketing options negotiations and offers details
Providing significant progressive plans and designs
Blueprint Plans illustrations and cartography
Development capitalisations aspects
Local Development Frameworks
Local Enterprise Partnerships
Enterprise Simplified Planning Zones, Uplift Areas, Local Development Order

promoting good old fashioned
first class support with
on-going referrals and
consistently invested
and services facilities
CAD detailed services for office/industrial/business sites/floorspaces
comprehensive site efficiencies -works -plant -buildings
CAD on-site capital equipment draughting/design consultancy   oil -energy -capital industries

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